Our Services

Our team of Staffing Consultants will source, recruit, evaluate and present top talent for your Direct-
Hire needs.

Our recruiting efforts include utilizing our extensive referral network, including desirable candidates
who are currently employed and passively seeking employment.

Our in-depth screening process will qualify candidates to find the "Right" match for your specific
needs and provide the "Right" fit for your organization.

Contract Staffing:
Why should you use our Contract Staffing services?

This staffing solution covers both immediate and long-term needs, whether it's for three months or
three days our clients enjoy the option of this service to provide them with the flexibility needed in
today's workplace.

When selected, our staffing consultants take pride in their reaction time and ability to provide
immediate service with a selection of qualified candidates.

When is Contract-to-Hire the right Staffing Solution?

Even after a lengthy interview process, it can still be difficult to find the "right" candidate to hire,
but the wrong hire can be a waste of time and money.

Contract-To-Hire is a Staffing Solution that gives you the opportunity to observe a potential employee
and make an evaluation first-hand before making the final decision to bring them onboard.

Payroll Services:
Payroll Services in an option we provide our clients seeking to eliminate the costs and responsibilities
associated with payrolling employees they have recruited directly.

This staffing solution gives the flexibility and convenience of positioning us as the employer of record
with minimal costs associated with this service.

We will hire the candidates that you find and provide them to you as consultants. 

Project Solutions Team:
At Michael Aaron Staffing our Project Solutions Team is a staffing solution focused on partnering
with our clients to address a specific issue or need.

Our Staffing Consultants have the expertise to staff and manage short and long-term projects from inception to completion.

If you are in the process of implementing a system upgrade or conversion, preparing for an audit,
meeting a tax deadline or need to backfill the responsibilities and leadership of a key staff member Michael Aaron Staffing has the talent and resources to meet your needs.